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Meet the JOP team one by one

  • Hazel Oliver
  • 5/8/2018 10:16:00 AM
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Meet the JOP team one by one

Harley is our resident print finishing apprentice who has nearly finished his first year of study.  Making up one of four in the finishing department, Harley is an incredibly important member of the JOP team.

Having tried out a couple of different things over the years including plumbing, security and horticulture, Harley wasn’t sure what career path he wanted to embark on.  So we offered him an apprenticeship in an industry he had barely even heard of.  Print finishing apprenticeships are not exactly a well Googled career pathway these days, compared to Mechanics, Builders etc

But what do you know, over 2 years later he is LOVING it, and even teaching some of our older hands a thing or two!  He is flying through his apprenticeship and aceing all his papers so far.  He has a keen eye for detail and is careful to ensure that nothing leaves the building that is not 100% perfect!  Guillotines, Folding machines, Booklet machines are just a few of the machines he uses on a daily basis and is becoming quite the expert.

Born in Auckland but growing up in Kawakawa and Auckland, Harley is now a proud Northlander. The oldest of 5, he has 4 younger sisters who all live further down the country.  He tries to get down to see them as much as possible, but we keep him pretty busy!  His partner Elizabeth is a regular visitor to JOP after hours to pick up Harley and both are awesome fun participants in our work parties.  Poor Elizabeth even ends up helping to cook at these events when everyone else is distracted!

Every day it seems we learn more about Harley, he knows quite a bit of Maori thanks to his mum being a Maori bilingual teacher.  Dean has been learning a few fun phrases off Harley lately.  He knows absolutely EVERYTHING there is to know about all sorts of flowers, plants, weeds etc and will be able to tell you the scientific name and what it is well known for.  A new fact about Harley we have recently learned, is that he has a pet spider that he keeps in a terrarium, which is just a normal house spider, but it is 3 times the size of a regular spider!  No thanks, you can keep that one!

An amazing source of interesting knowledge, a fun team member, a great apprentice, AND a hard worker.  Harley you are here for life!


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