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Meet the Faces of JOP

  • Hazel Oliver
  • 10/13/2017 11:44:00 AM
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Meet the Faces of JOP

Behind Rick, Luke is our longest serving employee! Over 10 years here at JOP and still going strong. Luke started out as one of our Junior Graphic Designers, straight out of design school all those years ago. He worked his way up to Senior Grahic Designer and then earlier this year he became our Design and Production Manager. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to our previous customers and design jobs from the past. A walking encyclopedia of JOP client knowledge. This new role see’s him all over the factory floor, overseeing all different aspects of the Production as well as ensuring that the Graphic Design department is all in line. A very important role and a busy one! So you can rest assured our team is personally looking after your job, every step of the way. 

For fun, Luke really enjoys mountain biking all sorts of different terrains all over the country, Fishing, Diving, off road trekking and basically enjoying outdoors adventures. Joining him in his adventures around the countryside, is his partner in crime Tamsyn, whom he recently got engaged to, so now that means his fiancé Tamsyn! We are all incredibly stoked for them, congrats guys! In between all their exciting adventures, they also manage to fit in some time to bust down some walls and get their DIY on, with house renovations. 

We are such a cool bunch of people here at JOP, and that shows in our longevity of our staff! Lukes been here over 10 years and we just know we can entice him to stay another 10! 


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